What is Sites?

All-in-one ecommerce software suite

Oliver Sites is the online store management experience you deserve — easy-to-use, customizable, and omnichannel-ready.

Running an online store has never been this easy

Not only can you start a new store with the click of a button, maintaining and customizing it is a breeze

Start an online store with the click of a button

Oliver Sites cuts the online store creation process from hours to minutes, with hosting included. We make it as simple as a single click — all you need is a domain.
Choose from the following set-ups:
  • Online storefront
  • Restaurant template
  • Custom

Ready to be white-labeled as a  full-fledged commerce SaaS

We empower you to resell Oliver Sites as a white-labeled commerce SaaS, complete with hosting, Oliver Plugins, and out-of-the-box integrations with Oliver POS and Kiosk.
Oliver Sites + Plugins

Sell you way you've always wanted to sell with Oliver Plugins

By installing a plugin on an Oliver Site, you get your hands on whatever additional functionality you're in need of. Whether it's a currency conversion or customer loyalty plugin, Oliver has got you covered.

Fully customizable

Integrate with countless plugins to customize the checkout process


Oliver Plugins can be activated in seconds

Sell smarter

Get the actionable insights you need to make smarter business decisions 

Build the way you want to

Build plugins in any or even no programming language


Oliver offers free trials for premium plans

Plugin selection

Take advantage of pre-built plugins, or build your own

As customizable as you need it to be

Oliver Sites is built on top of WordPress. Bring any WordPress plugin to Sites as a custom plugin, or have it published to the Oliver plugin repository. Our plugins work before, during, and after online or in-person checkout, so the sky is the limit.

Stability, security, and scalability is guaranteed 

With Oliver Sites, you never have to worry about your online store going down. Our team runs regular security checks and vets every Oliver Plugin update. Plus, our container-based infrastructure auto-scales with every traffic spike.
Oliver Commerce Developers

Create new Sites tools for merchants around the world

Oliver Plugins are custom building blocks that are built by developers to extend the Sites experience with Oliver.

Support you can count on

With Oliver, you're in good hands
Talk to one of our experts
The Oliver support team is available 24/7 and offers free onboarding and chargeback assistance.
Check out our Knowledge Base
Don't feel like waiting? Read our knowledge base to see if your question has been answered already.